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the quality of our environment has a direct influence on the quality of our lives – at work, at home and in the public realm

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At Peddle Thorp, we understand the value of forging robust relationships. We aim to develop a shared understanding that reflects our clients’ objectives, culture and values. Our design teams are fully committed to providing competitive advantages through streamlined and cost effective delivery. Testament to this success is the repeat business we receive from our clients, and we thank them for this commitment.


We believe that the ultimate environmental design aim for our built environment is to create buildings that are comfortable and humane, that use no energy, no water, that produce no waste in operation, that create no waste in their construction and are made from materials that derive totally from sustainable sources - this is our theoretical lighthouse. 


from inception to delivery

We operate under the principle of providing innovative solutions to complex problems. Our approach seeks to align the commercial insights of our clients with creative expression through a collaborative and interactive relationship. We understand that globally there has been a shift in the economic and social environments and this has altered our clients’ priorities. We address this by continually evolving our service approach while maintaining a foundation in our core values.

Peddle Thorp provide a professional design and coordination service for the whole process of building procurement.  We believe each project offers unique possibilities and that the best solutions emerge from a dialogue between client, users and designers. Therefore we actively engage with the client and respond to individual circumstances, delivering tailored outcomes.  

Over the last 30 years we have developed a unique resource of information that allows us to build on strengths, eliminate weaknesses and to ensure that each project is designed to best practice.  The process is summarised in the following:

  • 01 Listen

  • 02 Understand

  • 03 Define

  • 04 Create

  • 05 Deliver

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